Need a new smart-phone? Telstra’s start at $648 but you can buy elsewhere for less than $100

Many Australian Seniors have resisted giving up there old analog burner-phones but you will soon need one just to get into the bottle-shop?


Unless your current phone can run all of the following

  1. the MyGov ID app
  2. the Medicare Express App
  3. the ServiceWA App

… then under unfolding government legislation it may become difficult to enter pubs, clubs, even the bottle-shop without upgrading to a new smart-phone.

The GOOD-NEWS is that this should not be an expensive exercise and once you get used to using a smart-phone, you will wonder how you ever got by without one.

There is no doubt that Telstra has a very loyal following, especially amongst older Australians, who have probably never user any other telecommunications provider and are petrified to change as they fear losing their mobile number.

Because of this misconception (mobile numbers have been transferrable for years) when it comes to getting a new phone, existing mobile customers take a trip to the local Telstra store where they think they will be treated fairly due to their many years of loyal service.

However, the cheapest “smart-phone” offered by the Telstra shop starts at $648

We show you how (and where to purchase) a new smart-phone from LESS than $100.

Introducing the OPEL SMART J2 4G SMART-PHONE$97 from OfficeWorks or $99 at JB Hi-Fi



OPEL SMART J2 4G smart-phone

We moved our clients contacts off his old NOKIA flip-phone, transferred the SIM card over and setup his emails, all within 1 hour.

From then on we setup the ServiceWA App and had him signing into the bottle-shop within the afternoon. It was not easy but that was nothing to do with this feisty little phone that is a steal at less than $100

The Opel doesn’t have the biggest memory or the best phone camera or 5G capability, but if you are just looking for a 4G phone that makes calls, sends text messages, scans the COVID-19 QR check-in codes and holds your digital vaccination certificate, then this is the one for you that won’t break the bank.

Need help in the transition between flip-phone and smart-phone and a WA Senior? Then drop us a line for some free help and advice