The Apple Guy – provides Help and advice for everything Mac and Microsoft, plus a Computer Triage Service*

Are you looking for a freelance IT contractor for casual onsite or remote desktop work or just some free advice?

Since semi-retiring from the IT Industry The Apple Guy has been giving back to the community offering a computer triage services, consultancy and advise work and advice to technically-challenged-seniors, NFP’s (Non-for-profit) organisations, the aged-care sector and the disability sector in Western Australia.

The Apple Guy, resides in Western Australia, splitting his time between Perth’s Western-suburbs and Bridgetown in the South West.

The Apple Guy likes to assist seniors and NFP organisations with his consultancy services, computer advice, training, simple-solutions and guidance in addition to his Computer-Triage-Service. Does your NFP or NDIS Service company need help becoming more efficient?

Our consultancy services to NFP’s include a FREE audit to review the suitability and efficiency of invoicing, billing, email, workflow, IT and computer systems and software.

Computer-Triage-Service covers the following devices:

  • Apple iPhone,
  • Apple iPad,
  • Apple Computers (Macbooks, iMacs)
  • Windows computers, laptops and devices.
  • Internet, Networking, Wi-Fi, Smart-TV

The Apple Guy can assist his clients with the following issues:

  • Updating and fixing their devices
  • Purchase advise for new devices
  • Setting up new devices
  • Smart-Phone Issues
  • Email issues
  • Password issues
  • MyGov & MyGovID issues
  • Internet Banking issues
  • Wi-Fi and Internet issues
  • TV Setup/Troubleshooting
  • Printer/Scanner Issues
  • Home and computer security issues
  • Onsite Network and Internet setup and troubleshooting

If the issue is more complex and cannot be fixed within 15 minutes, needs replacement part etc., The Apple Guy may refer the client to a 3rd party repairer Apple or another Apple Authorised Repairer in the area,

For further information, please contact The Apple Guy by clicking here