What NBN Speeds should I be getting?

What NBN speeds should I be getting?


There are 4 speed-tiers offered by the NBN and differing ISP’s offer one or more of them.

To confuse matters further, each company gives the speed tiers their own special names.

The deals you see plastered on the back of buses and on flyers pushed through your door, only ever quote the cheapest and slowest plan (Home Basic) which is less than 15 mbps download speed (equivalent to what you may have been getting using ADSL)

If you DO NOT need a telephone handset, consider the following non-NBN alternatives:

NBN Speed Tier’s

Speed Tier Old NBN Name Telstra iiNet/ WestNet/ TPG Optus
Home Basic nbn™ 12 Basic Speed Basic Speed Pack 1
Home Standard nbn™ 25 Standard Speed Standard Speed Pack 2
Home Fast nbn™ 50 Standard Plus Speed Standard Plus Speed Pack 3
Home Superfast nbn™ 100 Premium Speed Premium Speed Pack 3+

Home Basic I

Wholesale products with typical busy period speeds of less than 12Mbps are available and designed for very basic usage*. This is suitable for emailing and making phone calls.

Factors that can affect your speed

  • The time of day, as high-traffic times like the evening can cause speeds to slow
  • The type and size of the content you are downloading or uploading
  • The number of people in your premises actively online at the same time
  • The provider, plan and speed tier you choose
  • The way your specific provider configures their network and manages traffic
  • The nbn™ access network technology available at your premises
  • How nbn configures the access network

Be wary of NBN offers from unknown-companies offering NBN deals that sound too-good-to-be-true.