How to avoid nuisance telephone calls and scammers

Do you have a “Land-Line” Telephone? or know an elderly friend or relative that does?

scammer calling

We daily either hear of an elderly customer falling foul of a telephone scammer or we are asked to fix computers that have been “hacked” by someone calling on a land-line and claiming to be from “Telstra” or “Microsoft”

There are two easy solution that are both free FREE.

  1. Rip the phone out of the wall and use a mobile phone for all calls. (it cost money to call a mobile phone so scammers are reluctant to do so)or
  2. If you are a Telstra customer, use “Telstra Home Messages 101” (see below) for non-Telstra customers, install an answering machine.

Telstra Customers

Simply divert all calls to Home Messages 101, most scammers will not leave a message because they would then have to provide a return telephone number that you can report to the Police.


Simply install a telephone answering machine, do NOT answer the phone, genuine callers will leave a message, frausters are less likely to do so.

You can then return genuine calls at your leisure and ignore the scammers and the telemarketers.