How to check if iPhone/iPad is backing up to iCloud

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iPhone and iPads automatically backup your essential data to your iCloud account in case of an emergency. Is your iPhone or iPad doing so?

No matter what iPhone or iPad you have, when you create a iCloud or iTunes account, Apple automatically provide you with 5GB of FREE iCloud Drive storage.

The allowance is for backing up the iPhone/iPad essential data to allow for setting up or recovering a device, such as contacts, SMS, iMessages, Ringtones and where space allows, your Photos and Videos.

However, if you exceed your iCloud allowance, your iPhone/iPad ceases to backup that data until you purchase a larger allowance or free up some space.

If you see any of the following messages, you could be in big trouble if you lose or damage your iPhone/iPad

icloud storage full

icloud storage full

manage icloud storage

How to check when your iPhone/iPad was last backed up

On an iPhone or iPad

Settings -> iCloud > Backup


Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup


icloud backup now

If you don’t have a recent backup, plug your phone into power, make sure your connect to Wi-Fi and click on “Back Up Now”

Hopefully the backup will start and you have enough available iCloud storage to complete the operation. If not you have a number of options.

  1. Purchase more iCloud Storage
  2. Free up space on your iPhone/iPad
  3. Free up Cloud Storage Space
  4. Backup to a Computer using a lightening cable (see below)

I have plenty of iCloud space available, why is my iPhone/iPad still not backing up to iCloud?

  1. You are not logged into an iCloud account (you may have changed or lost your password)
  2. Your iPhone/iPad does not regularly connect to a home or work Wi-Fi network when on charge.
  3. iCloud account is damaged or corrupt
  4. The operating system (iOS) on iPhone or iPad needs updating.