ANZ Bank – SMS Phone Scam

anz bank scam sms

Hats off to the scammers, this SMS scam is actually well designed and without spelling mistakes …. but the give away is the link it wants you to click. is not owned by the ANZ bank and we recommend not clicking on the link.

Here is an image of the destination page if you are curious, its a very good-FAKE webpage that wants to steal your CRN and password. Also known as PHISHING

clicking on the link on an iPhone or using Safari web browser will show you this

but clicking on the link using Google Chrome web browser will correctly show this


Using Google Chrome web-browser gives you much better cyber protection than Apple’s native Safari web browser or Microsoft IE or Edge.

If you want to see a genuine SMS from ANZ Bank, here is one from a few months ago

Be very wary people, DO NOT click on email or SMS links for ANYTHING …if you are not expecting it, and even then be very careful.