11 reasons you must STOP using FREE, generic or ISP based domain names for business emails.

Using a FREE, generic or ISP based domain email address is NOT doing your business any favours. You could own and use your own company domain name for only $30 per year.

yourdomainnameInternet Service Providers (ISPs) generally offer their customers one or more email addresses as long as you keep paying for their service.  In Australia there are many ISPs with the biggest three being:

  • @bigpond.com
  • @optus.com.au
  • @iinet.net.au

How many business contacts do you know using one of the above email domains?

No matter who your ISP is, you can also purchase generic email addresses such as @engineer.com or @consultant.com and there are many FREE email addresses available from @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, @hotmail.com (now called @outlook.com or @live.com) and thousands more like them.

6 Reasons why you should NOT conduct business using a generic, Free or ISP based email address.

  1. FREE, generic or ISP based email addresses do not look professional.
  2. FREE, generic or ISP based email addresses do not make you look like a permanent company who will be around for the longer-term.
  3. When you change domain providers you cannot take your email address with you.
  4. By not registering your business domain (and close variants) you are giving competitors the opportunity to do so and to steal your brand.
  5. By not registering your business domain (and close variants) you may be unable to build a website in the future using your preferred name.
  6. Emails from generic, Free or ISP based email addresses are the ones most often used by scammers and thieves. This means your mails will not always get through business strength email servers (such as Microsoft Exchange ) that protect businesses from SPAM.

5 more reasons you SHOULD register and conduct business using your own domain name.

  1. Adds Credibility – As the saying goes: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Having your own domain name projects a professional image of you and your company, normally associated with large companies. It tends to say to others that you’re a serious business person, operating an established business, in a professional manner.
  2. Email Aliases – by doing business under your own domain name, you can use multiple Email “aliases”. Every Email message affirms your name, eg sales@you.com.au , manager@you.com.au , service@you.com.au
  3. Portability – If you’ve ever had to change your service provider, or even move your physical business address, you won’t have to be reminded of what an incredible hassle it can be to notify everyone. Remember, without your own domain name, your Internet address is tied to that of your service provider. Thus, if you want to change providers you also change your Web address and probably Email address as well.
  4. Free advertising – Every time you send Domain email you are advertising your brand or business name and strengthening your brand amongst those who receive your message. As email use grows, so does your promotion of your name.
  5. Simple to find, remember, and use – By using an email service that bases your email addresses on your domain name instead of your ISP’s, you gain freedom to use simple, memorable addresses like: sales@yourbiz.com.au or John.Smith@yourbiz.com.au

Domain Hosting

Once you or your company has its own domain name, it will have to be “hosted”.

In order to receive and send emails, a server (located either on the internet or in your office) is required to host an email program such as Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino, Sendmail etc.

Bigger companies may elect to host their email server on their own servers on own premises.

Smaller companies often “rent” hosted mail services from a variety of sources.

Renting such services can cost hundreds of dollars per year whereas the cost of purchasing your own server and mail software will cost thousands of dollars and will need to maintained and replaced every 3 to 5 years.

A cost effective solution is offered by Microsoft called “Office 365 Small Business Premium” and combines the latest Microsoft Office products with hosted Exchange.