How to test your Internet Speed

How to test your Internet Speed

test internet speed

Most Internet connections require a small box called a “modem” or “modem-router” that converts the NBN internet signal into an internet internet or wi-fi signal.

NBN Modem

If the technology being used is HFC, then you will also have an NBN Connection box

NBN Connec

If you use ” mobile-broadband” the broadband routers pick the signal up via radio waves from mobile phone towers and are referred to as 3G, 4G or 5G networks.

The wireless broadband modem may look like the above.

To get a true picture of the Internet speed being received, your computer needs to be connected to the modem or modem-router using an “ethernet-cable” as follows.

Connecting to the modem via Wi-Fi will not give a true indication as to the modem or the internets true performance.

Only run the test via Wi-Fi if you have no other alternative and make sure the test device is as close to the modem as possible.

ethernet connection to computer

or using a Laptop/Notebook

ethernet to laptop


Once you have a computer connected to the modem via an ethernet cable, open up any internet browser and navigate to and click “GO


The speed-test will begin and will return three results as shown below. PING DOWNLOAD SPEED  and UPLOAD SPEED

modem speeds

The PING speed test also know as “Latency” is a measure of the quality of the internet connection and in general the lower the PING speed, the better the quality of the line. This can be tested further a


wifi signal loss over distance

When connected to a modem via an ethernet cable, the true Internet Speed can be tested.

Connecting to a modem via Wi-Fi can reduce the speed by up to 90% depending on the distance between modem and computer, electrical interference from appliances, and objects such as walls and floors.

Most ISP modems also have poor Wi-Fi capabilities but work flawlessly when connected via ethernet cable. Even when standing right next to the modem, the drop in speed can be significant compared to a “hard-wired” ethernet cable connection.

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