NDIS/NFP Consulting Services

  • Does your NFP or NDIS Service company need help becoming more efficient?

  • Are your invoicing, billing, email, IT and computer systems complicated, outdated and/or time consuming?

  • Would you like a FREE audit to see if cost improvements and efficiencies saving can be made?


The Apple guy has performed a number of such audits for NFP companies over the years that resulted in cost savings and improved efficiency for the companies involved.

Typical savings can be made in:

  • Software Licensing (Free NFP versions available for many software products)
  • Combining systems to improve efficiencies
  • Suggesting free or low-cost cloud-based system that can result in fewer products being used and the ability for most employees to work from home.
  • Replacing old call-based phone systems with cloud VOIP based systems which can be used at home or in the office.

We can be of service to your organisation and your clients.

If you would like us to perform an obligation free audit of your systems and practices including a fully-costed report. Then please contact us.