Slow Windows Computer? Failed Updates are the most likely cause

Does your Windows 10 PC or laptop seem unusually slow?

We have had many Windows 10 computers and laptops through our workshop every day, all complaining of very sluggish or performance.

45% were caused by failed windows updates, 5% malware and 50% a failing HDD.

Failing windows updates are not obvious and you probably have not received any error messages on the screen but what is happening is that your computer is constantly retrying to download and install failed updates and restricting it to do much else.

How to check Microsoft Windows Updates are up-to-date and properly installed on a Windows 10 PC, Computer or Laptop.

To ensure your computer works properly, securely and is compatible with other software, Microsoft periodically issues “patches” or “updates” which in most cases are automatically installed without you even knowing it.

How do you check this is happening and you are fully updated?

The procedure for doing this, varies depending on the “version” of Windows your device is using, check the following guide to determine which type you have.

What version of Windows do I have?


Windows updates for ALL of the following is generally done from the “Control Panel” finding the control-panel differs depending on the Windows Version.

Update Checking for Windows 10

Search for “Windows Updates”


Or through “Control Panel”

Or by clicking on the “Systems Settings” button

From here select “Update & Security”


From here “System and Security”

click “Check for updates”

Even though you see the message “Your device is up to date” this may not be accurate.

Now Click on “Update History” – Do you see one or more “failed to install” messages

You now need to “fix” these failing updates

The easiest way of performing the “fix” is to bring it into the IT Guys and we will fix this and any other issue.

If your not living in Perth or a DIY enthusiast, here is a good article from PC-World showing you steps to take. However, these steps are not for the faint hearted.

If your Important Updates continue to “Fail” your computer is still vulnerable and remedial action is required.