How to stop Facebook and Google tracking you (iPhone/iPad users)

Facebook and Google are tracking our habits and even pushing Alcohol and Tobacco advertising at teenagers when visiting other sites.

If you have an Apple iPhone or iPad. Here is how to stop them.

Allow Apps to Request to Track

In April 2021, the findings were revealed in a report, released, by lobby group Reset Australia — the local arm of a global initiative working to “counter digital threats to democracy”.

As well as gleaning information about users from activity on Facebook, online trackers — known as “cookies” — can follow users as they browse elsewhere on the internet.

The data sets are then used to create targeted ads by social media sites, such as Facebook.

Investigations overseas have shown tracking and profiling occurs on other big tech platforms like Instagram — owned by Facebook — and YouTube.

“What we found was there was no difference in the way they were treating teenager’s data,” Reset Australia executive director Chris Cooper said.

Apple iPhone and iPad devices have built-in “Privacy” settings that allow users to stop Facebook tracking your activities outside of the Facebook app.

Apple are concerned about the practice and in its latest iOS update (14.5.x) has set it to deny access as a default.

Even if you are not using iOS or higher, your iPhone and iPad may already have the ability to block App tracking.

Try the following Settings >> Privacy

Allow Apps to Request to Track

then Tracking

Allow Apps to Request to Track

and if available, make sure “Allow Apps to Request to Track” is set to “OFF” or Grey as per the image below.

Allow Apps to Request to Track